Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello All!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Keara (aka Nicole's little sister...Sue's youngest daugther....Yes, that is right the Barton women are taking and I thought it was about time I jumped on this posting business -- and what better way then to share something with you all that really means a lot and is very important to me. The first image above is one of the first pictures ever taken of my boyfriend (who I am 'oh so madly in love with' -- might I add =D!), Hayden, and I. The picture below is the painting Nicole gave us for our 1 year anniversary in July. I just just just love it -- we have it hanging in our dining room!
Any who, just wanted to share a little something special with you all!

Take care,


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

A week ago, Keara treated me to a live show of So You Think You Can Dance American tour, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The show was fantastic, and inspiring. These videos are Keara's and my three favorites.

This last one was very moving for me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Beautiful Mom

Oil on Canvas 11x14

I thought I would share with you all a painting I did of my mom (you all know her well) Her smile is one of the warmest memories that I have. Its right at the top of the list, Mom has a smile that can give you a hug without touching.

I also should add that I got her smile .....


Love you Mom!

Smiles to all :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Soundtrack

I listen to music while I paint, Its so important I have trouble completing a painting if I don't have something in the background. My Playlists change depending on what work I'm doing in the studio.

This is my soundtrack right now...

1. Fear - Sarah Mclachlan

2. Swallow - Emilie Autumn
3. Don't Stop Now - Emmy Rossum

4. Canvas - Imogen Heap ( this album is wonderful )
5. If it Kills Me - Jason Mraz

6. Unlike Me - Kate Havenvik
7. For You - Matisyahu
8. Ignorance - Paramore

9. Black - Pearl Jam
10. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
11. Make this Go On Forever - Snow Patrol

12. Give - Tori Amos

13. Save Me - Jem

14. Forever And Almost Always - Kate Voegele
Below are paintings that I think fit with this soundtrack. These songs help tell my paintings stories.

I will be putting up some videos soon...I have to get my mom to show me how to do it , Im having a little trouble with it.
Untill next time,

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello All!

So much to talk about...I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Nicole Barton and the proud Co-Creator of Trinity Hearts Studios in Toronto Ontario. My partner in crime, Keara Barton is the brains behind the talent, and my manager (me being the talent). We conceived Trinity Heart Studios, to be my own personal portraiture business. That we both hope can grow one day to be so much more, a artist collective comes to mind...but its still early.

My Beautiful sister....

OK so a little bit about myself , I have been seriously painting for 8 years now. I lived on the west coast in my early 20 's and developed a love for the brush while working at Opus Framing and Art Supplies in North Vancouver.

It was there that I had the opportunity of a life time to Direct a Not for Profit art group on the North Shore for a year. The group added to the culture of the North Shore in many ways by holding Life Drawing classes for the community (I also moonlighted as a model for some of the classes) , had a communal studio space with fellow members, we also curated group shows in local restaurants and venues around the community.

A Drawing of me at a life drawing session (not my work I just modeled for it)

I have recently relocated back to Toronto and I am very happy to be back close to my family. However it can be a little discouraging when I was on my way to having a successful art career in BC. I have decided to start from here goes...:o)

I am a Portrait painter, I love people and the human figure. I consider one of my biggest influences to be Frida and Waterhouse. Not to mention my Mother and Grandfather who are both extremely successful artists in there own field.

One of my most recent pieces...

Here is some of my work...and I hope to pour all my influences, inspirations and artwork into this blog in the future.

Until next time


Nicole Barton Co-founder of Trinity Heart Studios and Artist